Manage Disease and Pest Efficiently



Irrigation Management

Supply only that much which is required.

Effective utilization of available water, So farmer can grow more crop and can add one more crop cycle for better profit.

Disease Management

Control disease predict disease befor they occur

Device can detect environment suitable for pathogens development and alert farmer to take precautions

Weather Management

Data Driven weather updates more local , more accurate.

Take More accurate decision by getting data suitable for your region, collected locally.

How Kheti Jyotish Can Help Farming Ecosystem ?

Its has more than 6 sense

It Can See What Human Eye Cannot

Humans are smart in making decision but not in measuring things and remembering them preciously. Its bunch of sensors collect different kind of data, with better precision and accuracy.

It has Powerfull Brain

Can Find Relation Which Human Cannot

It process the data and collect valuable insides , able to process large set of data for getting true and valuable decision base.

Do what it takes

Control Things On Own

It not only update farmers but it takes preventive action when operated in autonomous mode. Farmer need to look for customer and enjoy the nature it will take care of rest.

We Are Team of Young Professional, Working To Solve Problems of Agriculture Sector by Infusing Technology In It.

We Are Committed To Improve The Yield and Profit of Every Farmer.

We are startup focusing on agriculture sector, Our aim is to improve yield of farmer per hector by infusing technological solution into the ecosystem of agriculture. To provide better understanding of soil, water and weather management and provide farmers data on which they can rely for correct decision making.